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Some insurance companies cover a portion of the cost of a wig or hairpiece if it is purchased as a result of hair loss related to cancer treatment or alopecia. Contact your health insurer for more information.


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Men's hair replacement solutions, toupees D & N Hair Design specializes in designing and fitting custom wigs and hairpieces for men and women. Whether you suffer natural hair loss or have lost your hair due to alopecia or cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, Donna Good, a state licensed barber and cosmetologist has been providing hair loss solutions in San Diego for over 35 years.

We provide synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces at very reasonable prices. With a free consultation in a private room, you will learn what different options are available to you and learn the entire process from choosing the hair, molding it to fit your scalp, how to apply it and take care of it. We are there for you to guide you from start to finish. Restore your self-confidence with a full head of natural looking hair.

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Synthetic Wigs
Human Hair Wigs
$190 - $550
$300 - $460
$250 - $550

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  • Donna and Nadene stay with you throughout the entire process, start to finish.  Both stylists provide one-on-one customer service, providing excellent  service and satisfaction, making getting your new hair an experience to enjoy.

  • Donna and Nadene have over 35 years experience designing and fitting custom wigs and hairpieces for women and men, with cutting edge styling and fitting experience, you can count on getting the finest quality work available.

  • Donna and Nadene keep costs to a minimum, making it easier for you to afford the best, and look your best, while receiving the quality one-on-one attention you deserve.

Donna and Nadene make customer service a #1 priority, providing you the client with the highest in quality, service and satisfaction.

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