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New Woman Hair SolutionsNew Woman - Solutions to your hair problems

...a solution to your hair problems

Whether you have noticeable hair loss or fine, thin, lifeless hair, New Woman® H.I.P. is designed to add more hair where you need it.


New Woman H.I.P will support hairstyles dependent on perms and other chemical applications. By extending time between applications, it helps prevent excessive breakage and damage due to over-processing.


Liven your existing hair color! New Woman adds natural-looking highlights or attention getting sunstreaking or frosting effects without the use of caustic chemicals.


It's as easy as brushing your hair! With this unique, capless design you just place New Woman on your head, brush you own hair through, and before you know it, your hair is vibrant and full of bounce.


New Woman's self-securing attachment system provides you with all the security you need to support your full and active lifestyle.

Your existing hair is integrated into the New Woman hair systems to add fullness, volume or length. The integration is constructed with a unique system that is durable and secure while providing a comfortable fit. Your hair is brought through the openings of the base of the system and combined with the hair integration to achieve a natural look. This is the answer for women who are concerned about their hair and are looking for a great new look.

It's not a wig or a cover-up...
it's a Hair Integration Process

New Woman is a state-of-the-art process for those of you looking to add fullness to thin areas, length in just the right places, or color dimensions to your existing hair. It is an alternative to the use of wigs, time consuming hair weaving techniques, or harsh chemicals.

The New Woman Hair Integration Process (H.I.P.) offers these benefits through a unique capless design that allows you to utilize your existing hair to its fullest potential.

It begins with your own hair and the most advanced technology in women's hair needs. A multi-functional system that's fun to wear and easy to work with, New Woman is custom designed, hand-crafted and styled to enhance your appearance.

Now you can have the hair you've always wanted: Hair that's alive with bounce, color, fullness and style.

 You'll love thedifference.

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