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New Man - Hair Loss Solution for MenNo matter what your age or hair loss problem, New Man® has the answer to your hair loss needs. Versatile, natural and so easy to care for, you'll wish you had found New Man sooner.

With New Man you'll get the confidence you feel when you know you look your best. And, no matter how active your lifestyle may be, there is no need to worry about security. New Man Hair will stay with you round-the-clock from morning shower through evening plans.

For centuries, man has been bombarded with so called remedies for baldness none of which have produced hair on the balding head. Even in today's world of scientific advancements, there is no product on the market that will grow you that full, thick healthy head of hair you can be proud of.

For that very reason, men everywhere are turning to New Man as the solution for their hair loss problems. In New Man they discover what every man who is loosing hair really wants a restored, handsome, virile appearance. You feel great because you look great and no matter what you're doing, you can be totally confident New Man Hair will always look natural. New Man can turn back the years and give you the hairstyle you've wanted for so long ...today.

It all begins with you

...and D&N Hair design. You'll start with a consultation. Together you'll determine the hair style best suited for your facial characteristics and your way of life. D&N Hair design will re-create the design of your natural hair growth together with your remaining hair. This tells us how to create the head of hair for you, virtually identical to the way it would be if you'd never lost your hair. Colors and highlights are carefully blended and matched to the variations of your own hair colors. We then complete the transition with precision styling that leaves you spellbound, unable to tell for sure where your own hair ends and New Man begins.

So, why wait any longer for that hairstyle you've always wanted to have? New Man and D&N Hair design can give it to you today!    

I changed my mind...about hairpieces and replacements. I used to think all hairpieces were bad looking until I realized those were the only ones I noticed. NOW, I can see new worlds opening up to me. I'm amazed! I needed to know all the alternatives for my thin hair.

With my new head of hair, I'm more confident and secure with my total appearance! I've joined over 4,000,000 men who have made it OK to have more hair. I changed the way my thin hair looked, now I'm changing my whole outlook on life... Thanks to a friend.


Donna Good
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